Development history of the silicone industry

Silicone products can be seen everywhere in the market, and have gradually entered daily life families. From the beginning of the 18th century, the invention of silicone tubes began to the vigorous development of today's silicone industry. The silicone industry has experienced a process from scratch to simplicity.
Now silicone manufacturers are springing up not only, there are not only old-fashioned companies that have developed abroad for many years, but also new domestic companies.
The classification of silica gel is also different in different ways. The scope of application is also used in the field of aviation and military industry from the beginning. It is now widely used in electrical and electronic, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper, metal, paint, medicine and medical, supporting Electrical appliances, electronics, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles and other industries. Silicone products are also getting closer and closer to our lives and work.
The silicone industry is developing rapidly in China. As of 2019, the use of silicone will exceed 1,000 tons. In terms of the application of silicone rubber products, because of the continuous updating of mobile phones, the corresponding mobile phone cases are also updated quickly, so the demand for silicone is also relatively large. In European and American countries, silica gel is widely used in kitchenware because of its non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly features. Looking at the domestic silicone manufacturers, the quality of the products produced varies, most of them are mainly low-end products, lacking innovation and design, and mainly producing products by imitation. The production environment of many manufacturers is also uneven, and many are still produced in family workshops. As a result, domestic silicone products are not competitive in international high-end products. The development of silicone products will become more and more mature in the future, and the future development will be more subdivided and high-end. The lack of high-end products by domestic companies is exactly what we need to make up for, especially for medical silicone products, which are basically monopolized by foreign companies.